Machine/Deep Learning Approach to predicting programming language snippets

Introducing the team behind our Data Associate Program (DAP) Project!

Mentor: Yar Khine Phyo

Members: Aw Khai Loong, Felice Png, Lee Yu Hao, Bingyu Yap

Our group would like to sincerely thank Phyo for his support and expertise throughout the semester, this project would not have been possible without his guidance.

How we got started..

We observed that traditional methods to write code language detectors are often complex. There are very long list of rules required to code out an algorithmic approach, which need to be further tweaked if new languages are added or

Hence we decided to try a machine learning (ML) based approach to…

Can an appropriate trading strategy be determined through deep learning?


Stock trading represents a method to take advantage of the stock price fluctuations of publicly funded companies to make a profit. Specifically, with many stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a convenient form of investment for many with the possibility of huge returns, evident in the 50% increase in equity option trading in this year alone [1].

It is therefore no doubt that many are constantly finding ways to gain an edge and anticipate market trends. …

Yu Hao Lee

SMU Computer Science Student | Software Engineering | Data Analytics

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